Jumat, 30 November 2012

1 So Say No To Free Sex before Married

carried away with thousands of nets unjust  modernization, such as adultery
with various models, but instead he often used as a standard of progress
and globalization. Sex is basically created genitals
Lord for two purposes, namely for the disposal of waste substances in the body
in the form of urine and also for the purposes of reproduction.

If sex and sexuality is a good thing, how about
sexual relationship itself? Sexual relationship is a good thing,
but of course at the right corridor, namely the marriage relationship and
with her partner (husband / wife), God created the genital
human body was very good with the Lord even told to give birth
grandchildren and multiply so that they can meet and lead the world. This
a command of God himself. So it really sexual
is a good thing, but a good sexual relationship is also beautiful but
in time, ie after the wedding. between husband and wife when
naked not ashamed. Why not ashamed? Because there is no
wrong with nudity as they had become husband and wife.

Sexual relationships that are not on time it was a mistake, a
sin. For from within, from people's hearts, come evil thoughts,
fornication, theft, murder, adultery, greed, crime,
treachery, lust, envy, blasphemy, pride,
This evil comes from within ourselves that are not controlled. Intercourse
before the marriage referred to as fornication. Included in
fornication is a sexual act performed by self
aims to satisfy yourself. Sexual relationship after marriage with
not a spouse (husband / wife) is called the adultery.
Why after sex marriage be permitted? Because
at the time of marriage a man and a woman make a promise binding on
before God. Tie the promise before God, this is the element that is only
there at the time of marriage, not on the engagement especially in dating.

So Say No To Free Sex before Married ... Remember the risk that you will suffer
greater than the benefits .. . if your spouse loves you, he
will keep you, if you ask your partner to have sex
before marriage, so he did not really love you .....

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